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Bojan Paunović - Directorate for financing and contracting EU fund

Ministarstvo finansija

Bojan Paunović was born on October 19, 1981 in Banja Luka. He finished elementary school and high school in Podgorica and he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the State University of Montenegro, Department of Management.

He started his work engagement in the Ministry of Finance in July 2008, as an apprentice, in the Budget Department. After completing his apprenticeship, he continued his work in the same Department, serving as senior advisor, independent advisor, and Head of the Directorate for the Coordination and Management of EU Funds, and he carried out and was included in the most accountable jobs of this Department.

He took part in the work of several panels, of which we would like to point out participation in the preparation of the PFM strategy; The Law on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility, which implemented the fiscal rules and the medium-term budgetary framework; The Economic and Fiscal Programme (EFP), Pre-Accession Economic Programme (PEP) and the Economic Reform Programme (PER); National Development Strategy and National Development Plan - NDP; Analysis "Public Expenditures and Financial Accountability - PEFA 2013"; as well as working groups for the preparation of EU negotiations for Chapter 33 - Financial and Budgetary Provisions and Chapter 17 - Economic and Monetary Policy. He was also a member of the Budget Committee of the Regional School of Public Administration - ReSPA;

He attended several professional trainings on macroeconomic and fiscal policy, macroeconomic diagnostics and financial programming, organized by reputable international institutions in the United States of America, Austria, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.
In 2009 he completed the three-month Specialized Course for Managers and Employees in Italy - sponsored by the Government of Italy, on the topic “Banking and International Finance “.

In 2011, he completed the 5-month apprenticeship programme (bluebook stage) within the European Commission - The Directorate-General for Budget.

He was a lecturer at the course called "Mid-Term Budgeting" within the project "Strategic Planning and Budgeting" at the Center for Excellence in Finance - CEF, Ljubljana. Also, he was a lecturer within the programme "Public Finance and Budgeting" for the managerial level of civil servants and state employees and for newly employed civil servants in the state administration, organized by the Human Resources Management Department as well as a lecturer within the general training programme of the Human Resources Management System on the topic of budget system of Montenegro.

In the period from 2014 to 2017, he was engaged in the Mission of Montenegro to the EU as a representative of the Ministry of Finance, carrying out the tasks in the field of financial negotiation chapters and Economic Copenhagen Criteria.

In September 2017, he was designated as an Acting Director General of the Directorate for Financing and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds.

He speaks English and Italian.

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