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Iva Vuković M. Sc. - Directorate for Economic Policy and Development

Ministarstvo finansija

Iva Vuković was born in August 1984 in Podgorica, where she finished elementary and high school. She graduated from the Applied Management Studies at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, University of Montenegro. From 2008 to 2010 she completed post-graduate studies and obtained master's degree in 2014 on the subject: "Economic Policy of Montenegro in the Function of Economic Development with a Focus on Business Cycles” at the same Faculty. 

She took up employment in the Ministry of Finance in December 2006, as an apprentice in Budget Department. After completing the apprenticeship, she continues her work engagement in the Budget Department firstly as a senior advisor, and after that as an independent advisor in the Department of Macroeconomic Analysis and Projections and Relations with International Financial Institutions. In May 2011, she was transferred to the Economic Policy and Development Department where she administered the Department of Fiscal Analysis and Projections. In July 2013 she was designated as Acting Director General of the Directorate for Economic Policy and Development, and in April 2015 she was designated as Director-General of the Directorate for Economic Policy and Development.

Regarding her previous work engagement, she actively participated in the affairs of the Ministry of Finance particularly pointing out the following: active participation in the economic dialogue of Montenegro with the EU;  she was a member of the three negotiating chapters for EU accession; she prepared and coordinated working groups for the preparation of the Pre-Accession Economic Programme and the Economic Fiscal Programme; she coordinated the preparation of the strategic document of the Development Directions; she participated in the preparation of the Prospectus for the first issue of Eurobonds; she took part in the preparation of the responses to the EU Questionnaire; she was a part of the preparation of the explanations of the Budget Law and the Final Accounts of the Law on the Budget; she prepared numerous macroeconomic and fiscal analyses; 

She has attended numerous seminars, courses, trainings and summer schools in the country and abroad in the field of economic policy and European integration. 

She speaks English and improves the knowledge of French. 

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