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Ivana Maksimović- Directorate for the Managment Structure

Ministarstvo finansija

Ivana Maksimović was born in Podgorica, where she finished elementary school and high school "Slobodan Škerović". She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, at the Department of International Business, and continued her postgraduate studies at the Department of International Economics at the same Faculty. She is currently preparing her master's thesis. 

She took up employment in the Ministry of Finance on March, 2008, where she served as Independent Advisor in the Directorate of the State Treasury, first in the Department for Debt Management, Indebtedness Analysis, and Relations with Foreign Countries and later in the Directorate of the National Fund.

During her employment in the Ministry of Finance, she was engaged and coordinated various tasks in the field of financial management of EU Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). She was an associate within the scope of the projects for the establishment and enhancement of the decentralized / indirect management system of EU Pre-Accession support in different sectors, and since March 2017 she has been coordinating the work of the National Fund Directorate.

Since November 2017 she has been designated as Acting Director General of the Directorate for Management Structure and Deputy National Authorizing Officer.       

She has taken part in numerous conferences and seminars in the country and abroad on the subject of managing EU funds and international finances. She has also attended several professional trainings on the subject of pre-accession support in the agricultural sector (IPARD).

She speaks English.      

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