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Government cuts red tape on building permits

Published date: 11.03.2011 17:27 | Author: Ivona Mihajlović

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The Government of Montenegro adopted Thursday, March 11, a set of laws introducing substantial changes to the process of issuing building permits with a view to simplifying the process, in terms of reducing deadlines, cutting costs for investors and achieving greater efficiency of Montenegro’s public administration.

The set of amendments reduces the number of procedures for the issuance of building permits from 14, registered by World Bank’s Doing Business team, to only two.

The reform also envisages the establishment of “one stop-shops” at the relevant ministry and local administration bodies which will enable investors to apply for building permits with a single public authority.

The measures of simplifying the administrative procedures are the first step in facilitating the issuance of building permits, a process that will be further pursued under the auspices of the Council for Regulatory Reform and Advancement of Business Environment.