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Montenegro Development Directions 2018-2021

Published date: 08.05.2018 13:46 | Author: Ivona Mihajlović - administrator

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At its session held on December 28, 2017, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Montenegro Development Directions 2018-2021, as the umbrella development implementation document in which was determinated the vision of social and economic development, what, among other things, was the obligation of Montenegro as an EU membership candidate country.

Significant changes in the conditions and framework for managing development and economic policy, both at the national, regional and global level, as well as the need to extend the timeframe, have led to the adoption of Montenegro Development Directions 2018-2021. that are "leaning" on the Montenegro Development Directions 2015-2018, and on the Montenegro Development Directions 2013-2016. At the same time, the strategic goal, the individual goals and directions of development, established in the previous period, which are in line with the Europe 2020 strategy, as well as selected policy fields are "retained". The relevance of investments/development measures from the aspect of its adjustment to the current situation, as well as their impact on strengthening economic growth and development, or increase of competitiveness has been reviewed. It should be noted that structural reforms in the public and real sector are elaborated in detail in the Development Directions, as a support for the growth and development of Montenegro's economy and strengthening its competitiveness, as a prerequisite of macroeconomic and fiscal stability.

At the same time, the identified investments / development measures and the scope and structure of the sources of funds according to the development directions reflects the policy of the Government of Montenegro, namely its commitment to create an environment for the realization of projects, especially in the tourism and energy sectors, according to a model that does not imply state participation in providing the funds. At the same time, it reflects the government's commitment to expand and improve transport infrastructure, as a precondition for balanced internal regional development, as well as linking with the region and beyond. Strengthening of policies, namely realization of measures within the development direction of "inclusive growth", due to their nature, is mainly supported or financed by the Budget funds.

This is confirmed by the fact that, according to the projections, from the total funds needed for the realization of investments / development measures estimated at EUR 3,458.31 million, EUR 3,187.42 million or 92.17% was provided. Of this amount, from private sources were provided, 58.10%, from the loan 25.13%, from the state budget 13.19%, and from the EU funds and donations 1.77%, or 1.66% of the total available funds.

Having in mind the significance of this document, the Government of Montenegro has established the Coordination Team for the Preparation and Monitoring of the Implementation of the Montenegro Development Directions 2018-2021 which, among other things, has the task to continuously monitor the implementation of the Development Directions and, in the years to which the Development Directions refer, inform the Government of their implementation.