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Service contract: "Further development of the local employment initiatives in Montenegro"- Award Notice

Published date: 16.09.2019 07:00 | Author: CFCU

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Service contract for further development of the local employment initiatives in Montenegro for  SOPEES

Publication reference: EuropeAid/139848/IH/SER/ME

Here you can download the Award Notice: b14b_awardnotice_en.docpublished on  16.09.2019.

Here you can download the Shortlist Notice: Shortlist notice 139848.docpublished on  04.03.2019.

Here you can download the Clarifications: Clarifications 2.DOC, published on  26.12.2018.

Here you can download the Re-launced Contract Notice: !b2a_contractnotice_en.doc published on  06.12.2018.

Here you can download Cancellation Notice: a5a_cancnotice_en.doc, published on 27.11.2018.

Here you can download Corrigendum to the Contract Notice: a5b_corrigcontractnotice_en.doc,  published on 10.11.2018.

Here you can download the Clarifications: Clarifications.DOC , published on 07.11.2018.

Here you can download Contract Notice: contractnotice_en-Local employment.pdf, published on 09.10.2018.

Here you can download Prior information notice (PIN): Prior Information Notice - SOPPES.DOC, published on  21.08.2018.