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Call for proposals for the Grant scheme: "Support to Provision of Social and Child Protection Services": Award Notice

Published date: 06.04.2020 14:58 | Author: Ministry of Finance- Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assisstance Funds

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Call for proposals: Support to Provision of Social and Child Protection Services

Reference Number: EuropeAid/162-650-ID-ACT-ME

You can download the Award Notice: Award notice 162-650.pdf, published on 06.04.2020.

You can download the Clarifications: Clarifications EuropeAid-162650.pdf, published on 08.04.2019.

You can download the Corrigendum: Corrigendum GfA.doc, published on 29.03.2019.

You can download the Application package for this Call for Proposals here: T162650_application published on 05.03.2019.

You can download the information session notice for this Call for Proposals here: Information sessions notice 162 650.doc , published on 13.03.2019.