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Statement by Director of USAID's efficient management in Montenegro, Marc Lassman, at a press conference to mark the beginning of one stop shop registration system

Statement by Director of USAID On behalf of the GG Activity, which is funded by USAID, I would like to congratulate the GoM &MOF in this very important step on the road to positively reforming the legal and regulatory frameworks supporting the business environment in MNE... Audio


Statement by the Head of the World Bank office in Montenegro, Jan Peter Olters, at a press conference to mark the beginning of one stop shop registration system

Statement by the Head of the World Bank office in Montenegro, Jan Peter Olters, at a press conference to mark the beginning of one stop shop registration system

There is not one single policy that fosters innovation, improves competitiveness, accelerates growth, and, ultimately, creates a professional perspective and income for Montenegrins. Especially when a country does not have at its disposal macroeconomic policy instruments (such as exchange-rate or monetary policies), when it finds itself in a situation where a more expansionary fiscal-policy stance risks to undermine macroeconomic stability, pro-growth policies are—in the end—a series of measures aimed at strengthening public institutions and making more efficient the services that the public administration provides... Audio


Press Release: One Stop Shop for registration of companies will become operational tomorrow

Starting from Friday, 20 May 2011, new business organizations will be able to register a company, register for taxes, and obtain VAT and excise tax and customs number, all at one place. Therefore, new companies will not have to go to several counters and to several different institutions, meaning they will not waste their time and money...


EU Commission’s “European Economic Forecast” optimistic about Montenegro’s growth in 2011

European Commission issued its bi-annual analysis on EU and candidate-states’ economies, “European Economic Forecast”, and made a very favourable assessment of Montenegro’s economic outlook for 2011, expecting “economic activity to gain momentum” through high FDI, “combined growth of both employment and wages,” and overall exports growth in metal production and services, most notably tourism...


Press Release: Fiscal Data as of April 2011

As of April 2011, revenues of the Budget of Montenegro amount to EUR 89,5 million, being below the amount envisaged by the plan by1,7%, whereas compared to the revenues collection in April 2010, revenues are down by 3,1%. The aforementioned revenues decline is indicating that the upward tax debt continues as a result of the economic illiquidity...


Montenegro and UAE agree on double taxation agreement

Montenegro and UAE agree on double taxation agreement

Representatives of Ministries of Finance of Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, initialed the text of the Treaty on avoidance of double taxation between the two countries, with respect to taxes on income and assets...


Fiscal and Macroeconomic Trends for the First Quarter of 2011

• Pursuant to the data available for 2011 , macroeconomic trends are indicating that Montenegrin economy is in the stage of a slight recovery, representing the continuation of trends from the second half of 2010. Pursuant to the preliminary data of Monstat and the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, it can be concluded with the high probability that the GDP growth in 2010, exceeded the projected 0.5 percent and that the final data will indicate the growth of above 1 percent. This growth rate correction was the result of the strong growth in the sectors of electricity generation, mining and real – estate...


World Customs Organisation: Montenegro successful in meeting standards, building regional cooperation

Montenegro has achieved progress in meeting World Customs Organisation (WCO) standards, in customs system development in general and has established excellent regional cooperation in this area, said WCO Secretary-General Kunio Mikuriya at his meeting with Prime Minister Igor Lukšić...


IMF praises Montenegro’s right track, new cooperation with IMF

At their spring session, the IMF and the World Bank made a favourable assessment of Montenegro’s progress in economic and structural reform, and of its Eurobond issue procedure earlier this month, said Finance Minister Milorad Katnić who attended the session. Minister Katnić also agreed on technical cooperation with IMF, whose mission will come to Montenegro as early as May, said he in an interview to the national TV station RTCG...


Strategy of Public Administration Reform in Montenegro 2011. - 2016. "Aurum"

Public Administration Reform Strategy in Montenegro for the period 2011-2016 is a comprehensive document that provides a framework for reform in this area. It is focused on improving the management and administrative capacity, or the way of policy, organization of public administration, preparation and execution of budget, employment policies, staff training, monitoring and evaluation. The strategy identifies the criteria for joining the EU and harmonized with the obligations deriving from the Stabilization and Association Agreement, which entered into force on 1 May, 2010...